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j2 te17Pregnant woman, healthy baby 

I took JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll during my pregnancy. I believe it helped because I did not have piles and constipation problems which are commonly experienced by most mothers-to-be.

When I delivered my baby in June 2004, he did not have jaundice problem. I continued with JILC 3 times a day, my delivery wounds healed very fast too!
j2 te04Prostate problem, knee pain

I am a smallholder. I was suffering from prostate and knee pain. I had to go to Pantai Specialist Centre for routine check- up every month and was advised to take medication to ease the condition. I have to pay at least RM300 for each medical check-up. When the pain was severe, I have to go to Kluang Utama Specialist Centre for injection to ease the pain.
j2 te11



j2 te05
Breast lump

In 2009, I was diagnosed with a lump at the lower part of my left breast. I was advised to go for medical check-up every month to ascertain its severity. I felt anxious and disappointed to note that the lump has slowly increasing its size from 3mm to 6mm. The doctor had confirmed that no oral medication will be able to help with the lump and had advised me to undergo surgery to remove it.
j2 te03Heart failure      

I was suffering from shortness of breath, lethargy, dizziness, anxiety, constipation, fatigue and weak body.

In 1994, I experienced heart failure and my heart beats stopped for few seconds due to insufficient oxygen supply to the heart. Advised by the doctor, I underwent cardiac resynchronization therapy to stimulate the heart’s pumping chamber to improve heart functions and to stabilize irregular heart beat. In normal case, a patient needs to undergo the said therapy after every 7-15 years. Each therapy costs about RM30,000 to RM40,000.