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Goh Suan 吴金万

j2 te04Prostate problem, knee pain

I am a smallholder. I was suffering from prostate and knee pain. I had to go to Pantai Specialist Centre for routine check- up every month and was advised to take medication to ease the condition. I have to pay at least RM300 for each medical check-up. When the pain was severe, I have to go to Kluang Utama Specialist Centre for injection to ease the pain.
Mr Pang Tok San recommended JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll to me. Initially I wanted to buy 1 bottle to try but after realising that JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll is a health supplement and not drug, I decided to buy a pack of 4 bottles to improve my health condition gradually.

3 weeks later, it had helped to relieve pain and I regained flexibility in my bodily movements. 3 months later, the doctor confirmed my prostate was normal; I did not have to depend on medication.

I would like to thank Mr Pang Tok San and JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll for giving me flexibility of movement and made me more energetic, it enriches my life.