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See Wah Chau

j2 te06Kidneys were infected, Edema, Urinating problem & Hematuria
In Nov, 2003, my son's kidneys were infected as a result of fever. He was hospitalized in Tong Shin Hospital, K.L. for 3 weeks. His kidneys were swollen. He experienced edema (water retention), tiredness, urination problems and hematuria, high blood pressure, low blood cell counts, loss of protein due to malfunctioning of his kidneys. He managed to urinate after treatment, but the urine was little, dark in colour and with traces of blood stain. There was no medication and he was told to rest and to be examined in every 2 days. He started to consume JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll (JILC) 1 tablespoon 3 times a day and was relieved of urination difficulty and his health improved tremendously. In June 2004, the medical report confirmed that his health had fully recovered.
I have fibroma in the uterus and was advised to undergo operation if it deteriorates. After consuming JILC for 3 weeks, 2 tablespoons 3 times a day, the doctor confirmed that the fibroma had disappeared. I have also lost 5 kgs in weight and am slimmer, my complexion is smooth and fairer now