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Wee Tang Soon

j2 te07Sinus

I was suffering from severe sinus problem and lost the sense of smell. I regained my sense of smell after operation but the problem recurred immediately after I finished the medication. E.N.T. specialist confirmed that I might have to depend on the medicines for life to control the problem.
After consuming JUARA International liquid chlorophyll (JILC) for 2 weeks (2 tablespoonfuls 3 times a day) the sinus problem worsened. As I continued to drink the 3rd bottle of JILC, my sinus problem improved. After I finished the 4th bottle, I regained my sense of smell without taking any medication!

Now my whole family is consuming JILC, at the same time, I also share it with my friends.

我患上鼻塞症多年,嗅覺失靈。手術后嗅覺好了一陣子,服完藥後,毛病又重現。 耳鼻喉科強調,類似病症有時需要長期吃藥控制。
我每天早、午、晚各飲 2 湯匙 JUARA葉綠素。在首 2 個星期,我鼻塞的更嚴重。我堅持在一個月內喝完 2 瓶。喝完第 3 瓶時,鼻塞症狀逐漸好轉。喝完第4瓶後,我的鼻塞復原了,嗅覺也在沒有服用任何藥物的情況下恢復了!