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Lim Kim Hoy

j2 te09Diabetes, High Blood Pressure, Piles Bleeding, Constipation  

I was suffering from constipation and problem of bleeding piles. My blood pressure was at an abnormally high level of 200/120 for the past 6 years. My legs were itchy and swollen due to diabetes.
Initially after consuming JUARA International liquid chlorophyll (JILC), two tablespoons three times a day, the bleeding and constipation worsened. My legs became more itchy and swollen; I was very tired and weak. On the 3rd day after consuming JILC, my blood pressure lowered to 150/100. On the 7th day, my constipation and pile problem had improved tremendously. No more itchiness and water retention at the legs a month later after consuming JILC.
JILC is definitely the best choice for good health. It will be beneficial to more people in the international market.