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Chong Keong Fatt

j2 te01Asthma, Poor Digestive System, Poor Hearing

I suffered from severe asthma and have to depend on vantolin to control; poor hearing due to aging; frequent stomach-ache due to poor digestive system. This stomach-ache occurred every 2-3 days. After medication, the pain would recur after 1 week.

At Koperasi Rakyat’s AGM 2007, Mr Pang Tok San recommended to me JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll (JILC). After consuming for 2 weeks, it proved to be helpful for my digestive health. As I continued to consume for 4 months, my hearing improved tremendously, asthma problem never occurred since then.

Amazingly, during my tour to Beijing, China in 2011, I did not experience asthma problem even though the weather was cold.
I am glad that Koperasi Rakyat and JUARA Konsep Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd have helped me to have good health to lead a happy life.

我是一名小园主,患上严重哮喘病,需要依靠扩张管喷雾(Vantolin) 减轻病情,此外长期受肠胃不适问题困扰着,就连在没吃错食物下,每2-3天都会有肠胃不适问题,加上因老化而导致听觉失灵。

在 2007 年人民合作社常年报告大会后,经冯耀荣先生介绍,开始饮用 JUARA 叶绿素,2 个星期后,证明 JUARA 叶绿素的确有助维持肠胃的健康。4 个月后,哮喘不曾发生,就连听觉都显得清晰。


感恩人民合作社及 JUARA Konsep Marketing (M) Sdn Bhd 让我拥有健康,享受快乐幸福生活。