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Zymatic Plus

j2 zymatic


Concentrated - High cleaning power removes dirt and stain effectively.
Optical Brightener - Makes whites whiter and coloured fabrics brighter.
Rust-Inhibitor - Protects and prevents the iron components from rusting
100% Soluble - Disolves rapidly and acts instantly
Low-Suds - Easy to rinse. Saves water, time and labour.
Special Fragrance - Laundry smells fresh and clean for long time.
Contains Sodium Tripoly Phosphate - After wash solution can be use as fertilzer.
Economical - High quality that ensure satisfactory laundries.
浓缩 - 高效率洁力素清除污垢及污渍
鲜光剂 - 使白色的衣服更洁白,彩色衣服更光线夺目
防锈 - 保护及防止洗衣机生锈
100%溶解 - 清洗效率更佳
少泡沫 - 容易漂洗,适用于所有类型洗衣机
清新芳香 - 使衣服散发清洁宜人的香味
经济 - 品质优良,经济实惠