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JUARA Konsep Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. (190153-A) (AJL93180)      

In 1992, a legend was born. Driven by immense potential of the Liquid Chlorophyll market, one budding company forged ahead of its time and emerged as a pioneer in high-quality green products. That company ... is none other than JUARA.

Fast-forward twenty years into the present, JUARA is now a brand with big history.

With an entire repertoire of superior-quality products, a fair and compelling incentive system as well as an elite, well-trained team making up a rock-solid foundation; JUARA is well poised to become one of the best, if not the best, entity in the bouyant Multi-Level Marketing sector.

Together with you, JUARA is looking forward to carving up an even more promising future - one where green is the color, and where Success, Freedom and a superb Lifestyle are attainable by everyone with the heart and determination to make it happen!

Juara History

j2 history
Since 1992, Juara Konsep Marketing (M) Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated with the purpose of offering a business opportunity for everyone to improve their living standard through the concept of multilevel marketing (MLM) in promoting good health, wealth, family happiness & freedom.
After more than 20 years of its operations, we have established ourselves to be the market leader in promoting JUARA International Liquid Chlorophyll (nutritional health drink) in Malaysia and we are the only MLM company manufacturing Liquid Chlorophyll under the Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) standard, which will ensure the highest quality health drink for our customers and a stable, long-term business for our Independent Business Owners (IBO).

In addition, our service training centres located in all over Malaysia, is to provide training to all our Independent Business Owners (IBO) and to serve our customers. All these have created an ideal environment for achieving our objective in Malaysia now and overseas market in the future.

Founder & Chairman

j2 founder

Missions & Vision

j2 visionOur Vision
To nurture an elite team of professionals to continually duplicate and multiply the success of the Company as a superior Multi-Level Marketing entity.

Our Missions
To power the consumers into a New World of Green & Healthy Living via superior-quality products that will revolutionize the meaning of a healthy lifestyle.

To significantly expand the Company's operating footprint in order to drive our green products beyond the shores of Malaysia onto the global market.

To offer an invaluable opportunity to high-potential Independent Business Owners (IBO) looking to set up their own businesses, and to support all IBO in transforming their lives for the better.